“Nothing is more memorable than a smell”

AdoreScent is a business leader in indoor aroma air innovation technology with a great number of aroma solutions for industrial and non commercial zones for example hotels and resorts, restaurants, retail outlet, financial institutions, museums, showrooms, office spaces, indoor events, health and fitness, private hospitals, spas, residence and many more.

Adore Scent strategy provides comfortable atmosphere that emotionally connects your brand to make the memories.

Luis Buñuel said “Life without memory is no life at all.” We at AdoreScent assist you giving life to life.

We provide you with business solutions to enhance the ambiance emotion and sensation status providing you with a satisfied consumer, stays for a longer time and spends more by connecting with the ideal aroma that integrates in harmony to generate your special convenient, elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Adding up Adore Scent solutions completes your ambiance sequentially by generating exceptional memorable consumer experience.

Presenting the precise solution is the key to success. Generating the ideal ambiance will likely provide the pleasant impression to your clients and your staff after all happier employees happier customers and surely more profit.

Hotels and Hospitality

Hotels and Hospitality

Learning to make visitors fully feel unique?

Developing exceptional guests experience is the key plan for lavishness in boutiques, hotels and resorts.

A scent is definitely the key for magnetizing visitors to your amazing hotel therefore from the time that hotel guests reach your destination, they desire to feel their experience is exclusive, perceived and appreciated.

With a unique, customized signature scent that will facilitate generating the perfect ambiance and highly effective sensations with hotel guests.

Your entire atmosphere and branding will be improved as a result of using a signature aroma openly in lobby, lounge room, conference rooms, health spa, fitness club, etc.

Hospitality brand names around the world are utilizing scent to their own benefits, realizing that a signature scent simply leaves an incredibly long lasting impact on guest visitors, one which stays long after their visit has come to an end.

Transportation and Travel

Transportation and Travel

What exactly is the great importance of public transportation?

The primary benefit of public travelling that it’s the most frequent way for travelling the globe, where you can reach work or simply explore around.

Nevertheless, with the amount of people utilizing public transportation every single day, it might not be an enjoyable experience.

Unique receptive scent will substantially enhance a traveler’s practical experience and fulfill the need of excitement for the aroma finder.

Airport terminal waiting zones and international airport lounges may also utilize the strength of fragrances to minimize stress level from postponed flights and also exhausted children and kids.

Metro and railway normally takes benefit from the scent strength to improve their travelers practical experience.

Scenting in the transportation sector began since early 1959 with the Parisian metro presenting the aroma of carnation into their trains to improve relaxation and wellness.

Nowadays scenting is now significantly essential to numerous airline carriers along with other travelling companies, because they recognize the benefit of customer loyalty and retention via brand recognition.

Whether or not your objective is to present an added feeling of ambiance to your own brand, develop an enjoyable ambiance for concerned and stressed out travelers, or even to provide the impression of a clean, healthy, and also welcoming ambient to the travelers, scenting can provide the answer.

Scent marketing companies turned out to be an important part of the aroma branding solutions in promoting for numerous businesses and organizations.

Every odor is created specifically for the brand as a whole along with the attractive of the aromatic ambiance.

The result is a signature scent fragrances that explains brands sentimental experience and its products to their potential customers.

Healthcare and Medical

Healthcare and Medical

Applying various Scenting techniques in the healthcare common locations is one of the top innovative solutions to improve patient satisfaction and enhance patient experience.

Various kinds of scent marketing are commonly used on the professional medical hospitals and clinics for their capability in presenting sentimental assistance to health care consumers to enhance the way patients feelings and thoughts with regards to sickness.

Tested results prove that particular fragrances have the ability to relax patients and also guest visitors and providing a healing recovery atmosphere in the hospital facility.

Dental care Clinics, General Clinics, health care centres, and waiting rooms generally provide feels of anxiety and stress and also depression issues.

Medical center patients or visiting friends complaints from the unpleasant cleansing supplies together with sterilization odor, it provides outcomes of uncomfortable behavior as well as attitude on other people.

Hospital administrators promotes and encourages scent solutions by utilizing the most recent scent marketing solutions .



Scenting workplaces is among the remarkable constructive innovative strategies.

Aroma boost efficiency and also employee satisfaction and also greet guests and develop a constructive impression.

A business working environment free from malodors is essential to the health and well being of your colleagues.

Research shows that scenting business offices helps minimizing stress and enhancing working speed particularly with a lemon or lime aroma or whats known as citrusy fragrance.

Some of the examples of creative thinking and invention at work.

Kate Fox, the Director of Social Issues Research Centre, revealed the conclusions with regard to experiencing pleasurable aromas, it greatly improves overall performance on work duties. The cold diffusion of lavender throughout the workplace decreased the low efficiency on the after lunch and increased job efficiency.

Sakamoto in a study revealed that while scent machines are switched on, individuals operate with a better self efficiency and with an overall effective business approaches.

Aroma diffussion helps to minimize typing mistakes substantially while staff are subjected to lemon and lavender aroma, and also improve acceleration and speed functioning accuracy and reliability while peppermint oil aroma were diffused.

Innovative companies adores to motivate and encourage their staff, as they simply realize that enriching ambiance has an incredible influence on staff creative thinking on the personal and contextual elements at the workplace.

The requirement is to develop the suitable workplace surroundings, balance and ambiance.

scenting may directly change a place and enable the thoughts to lighten up taking advantage of scent marketing fragrances with aroma customized scents as per your preferences. Installing scent machines for commercial enterprise via HVAC is totally suitable for commercial workplace environments.

For any businesses and organizations that don’t wish to scent the complete workplace, however still cares to provide the positive first impression for prospective clients and potential customers, an entrance scent is the ideal solution.

Our stand-alone fragrances for ideal office diffuser is often installed in the waiting room or lobby area to create a pleasurable smell while entering your company or at the left landing area.

AdoreScent offers tailored scenting solutions to improve innovation solutions for office or even for small office desk.



Develop a special retail store experience by using scent marketing methods and find out more about the elements influencing customer buying behavior.

Aroma and other sensory scenting retail store tools for store scent marketing will certainly boost your retail techniques to raise profits and you will experience the result in consumer buying behaviour in retail shops and the reflection on revenues and net earnings from purchase behaviour and spending.

Everyone realize the advantages of repeat customers, applying scent diffusion system in your retail outlet you would improve the average repeat customer rate and the value of repeat consumers, this scent are going to increase your sales numbers and yields which will pop up on your repeat customer statistics and analysis system.

Shoppers stay longer with more consistent returned visits to your store.

We also design signature scent fragrances unique to your brand to formulate scent logo.


Banks and Financial Institutions

Scent marketing for financial institutions offers improved banking experience.

Banking online raised the levels of competition in consumer banking industry by allowing it to be simpler and quicker to research and evaluate between the banks services and products and the quantity of actual physical visits are decreasing to the commercial bank different branches making it more difficult to gain and retain clients via the outdated human communication techniques and tools.

Scent marketing in banks provides enjoyable aroma and smells trigger memories and stimulate scent that motivate people’s moods and behaviors to be successful in maintain clients.

Scenting retail store atmospheres enhances consumers rating and clients believed they were in the place for a less period frame.

Benefits and advantages of fragrance are employed on elegant brand marketing strategy by linking brands to consumers on a much more personal, emotional levels compared to standard marketing and advertising, this would pay attention to great importance of olfactory branding and brand recognition statistics.

Which is significantly necessary for consumer banking business model to improve individual memorable experience considering that we are now switching to online banking and significantly less bank actual physical visits.



How you can boost perceived value in Nightlife events?

Nightlife events depend on numerous branding strategies to bring in crowds of people through the doors and distinguish itself from their business competitors.

Once clients enter into the club or event the event has to motivate and stimulate to guarantee an unforgettable night out.

With customers spending top charges for VIP tables they expect to have the absolute best experience with all the trimmings. A luxurious aroma might lead to a much better observed level of quality of the ambiance which enables you to enrich the mood of clients, leading to them to remain out for a longer time. it is highly recommended to scent your event to obtain the best results.

Undesired odors such as smoke, drinks, and body odors are an ongoing struggle for club and parties operators to make sure an entire pleasurable experience for their visitors. These types of issues result in the extensive adoption of ambient scenting businesses within nightclubs, to collectively enhance the dance club surroundings and cover up or break out the negative odors. Given that customers presented an improved assessment for the clubs, became more cheerful, and exposed more dancing action while aromas were diffused, lifestyle fragrancing might be expected to have a constructive impact on customer return rate and future sales revenue for clubs. The sense of smell is the most sensitive.

Our sense of smell is switched on by the back of nose area and instantly connected to the emotion center of the human brain accountable for memory and emotion. Scenting are capable of doing a constructive connection with your brand to retain consumers returning to your venue and spread the word. As stated by a research performed by Finnish marketing firm Ideair on scent bar, pubs with aroma visible advertisements resulted into 79% increase in sales compared to locations having only visible advertisements improved barely 11%. AdoreScent operates as scent crusher and scent remover that will cover up or break out nasty odor while improving the sensory experience. Integrating olfactory technology to develop a remarkable ambiance and get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweating, smoking cigarettes, food and beverages or further undesirable odors to be the suitable solution scent blocker.

The sense of smell is the most acute

Fitness and Gyms

Fitness and Gyms 

Today’s gymnasium exercise improve the way you live.

Playing sports assists in reducing pressure, remain in shape, enhance your overall health and will increase scent lifestyle to your physiological advantages of working out.

Sufficient gym equipment produce electricity specially with the right staff and environment, nevertheless unpleasant odor will take it all away.

AdoreScent provides the solutions to mask or break out undesirable odor even while the fitness center exercises are on and it can boost the sensory experience and allow you to enjoy and concentrate.

Adding olfactory receptor technology to develop an impressive atmosphere and get rid of the bad smell of sweating or other unwanted odors in any area of the health club like gym work out areas, aerobic exercise room or waiting area. 

Aromatic areas can raise the physical advantages of exercise and the emotional benefits of training. AdoreScent offers the perfect sport fragrances which can motivate the impact of a walk in customer to enroll his name to start enjoying the services in your sports club and to spread the word and appreciate.

Mood is boosted by 40% in conveniently scented surroundings. Lindstrom , M. ( 2005 ) , Journal of Product and Brand Management In a controlled experiment by Dr . Abbas Meamorbashi, peppermint was discovered to enhance athletic overall performance.

Bodybuilders and athletes in sports center atmospheres undertook many physical tasks either with or without an odorized peppermint adhesive strip under their nose area. The results proved that exposure to peppermint lead to improves in jogging speed, hands grip strength and also quantity of push-ups.

Car Showrooms

Does a new car really smell new?

Automobile Aromas are precious specially during the time of purchasing a brand new motor vehicle.

Where is the aromatic smell coming from?

It definitely didn’t come from its metal or paint or even the car tyres or rubber. The precious scent was made for the automotive identity. Certain aromatic fragrances are engineered from aromatic substances inspirations for instance, the leather-based and sandal woods from the vehicle interior design and in other circumstances we get it all form the innovation and the inspiration sensation in developing exclusive scent of smell to match precisely what we are aiming to accomplish.

Many individuals stay away from purchasing used cars and will hurry out to purchase brand new one to have the new car smell and after few weeks they will begin thinking where did the brand new car smell go?

Automobile Showrooms design and style combines with the scent designed to design the wished atmosphere reflecting desire and energy in harmony.

Rolls Royce reproduced the aroma of his massive seller, the 1965 Silver Cloud, and sprays it under the car seats to reconstruct the aroma on this classic “Roller .”



Blending aroma with event would create the memory, therefore the guests who attended your event and smelled the fragrance will memorize your event once they smell a similar smell on the upcoming days they. The event lasts into their memories and emotions.

A number of the 4D cinemas are utilising scent movie concept now a days, it began in 1960 with a film named scent of mystery, over than 30 aromas where injected into the movie theater seating during the movie scenes and its sound tracks and the event was spectacular.

Adore Scent tailored signature scent perfumes for various launches, wedding events and parties. The events shall be memorable with AdoreScent.

Ambient aroma enhances both recall and recognition of recognizable and unknown brands as per Morrin and Ratneshwar in 2003.

The York museum applied scent technology to present the site visitors with a genuine simulation of what the Viking point in time smelled like, blending scent to the overall atmosphere created unforgettable moments.

Designing memorable events tends to make consumers happier and provides the visitors the perception you are interested in providing them with by attending and enjoying your event which will certainly lead to a lot better feedbacks and comments.



Food and Beverage 

Food and Beverage

Why can’t you taste when you hold your nose? and Why does food taste bland when you have a cold? 

smell and taste are the chemicals perception in the air, the smell of food we consume travels to our limbic system.  Without the smell apples potatoes onions tastes the same and this was verified on various articles and studies. Smell is responsible for 80% of what we taste, therefore utilize it in welcoming and capturing your clients through scent marketing for restaurants, this helps you in strengthen the food and beverage scent and empowering the best of it. The portion of the human brain that smell and taste is part of the emotional human brain in which our personality lies. In 1995 The International Journal of Aromatherapy verified that when the scent of baked bread was released in a US supermarket, revenue in the bakery department raised threefold. plenty supermarkets install bread stove at the gateway since the smell of fresh bread is recognized to stimulate our desire for food. everyone knows that we buy more when we are starving.

In our firm we installed diffuser HVAC to the invisible walls in a number of supermarkets. Supermarkets discontinued make an effort to place ovens and implemented artificial aroma to distribute fragrance all through the grocery store with similar results. 

One of the best examples is conducted by the President of Cinnabon, Kat Cole. The ovens are mainly positioned at the entrance of the store to ensure that the baked cinnamon aroma will smoothly waft out the scent and release the cinnamon scent all over from their shops in the shopping malls and airports to catch the attention of additional buyers. The ventilations systems performance were lowered to empower retaining the sweetened scent to increase revenue. We trust applying aromas within our lifestyle and bringing it into an ultimate and unique level. 

How to make coffee aroma? 

Did you walk past costa coffee shop, or tim hortons coffee or smelled starbucks coffee scent? and couldn’t resist the strong coffee smell that pushed you to buy your coffee? Smell sells either naturally scented or fragranced. The coffee fragrance oil around their stores facilitates lifting up revenues and there are numerous scent marketing examples. We can help you create your own amazing aroma coffee or aroma café as others calls it to increase sales. Our fragrance machine makes customers want to linger and spends more. Did you ask yourself although the specialized branded coffee shops has different types of coffees and each coffee has its special scent however you always smell the same coffee scent when are at the counter making your order?

Home and Residence

Home and Residence

Arriving home to a relaxed comfortable environment is an essential aspect that all of us are looking for, Home sweet home.

How can you maintain your residence to smell great constantly?

Apply our to aroma your property by applying scents of home cold diffusion. Our fragrance scent machine for home connects with HVAC system or can be sold as a stand up machine that can easily fit the theme of the house and be part of its fixture.

Adore Scent machine for home is known as among the best home fragrance diffusers and best home fragrance system, with flexible intensity and multiple setting programs to neutralize any undesirable odors and spread the delightful scent at home and benefit from durable home fragrance.

We personalize exclusive fragrances depending on requests to accommodate the desired atmosphere to scent your premises with essential oils or fragrances.

Spas & Salons

Spas and Salons

Adore Scent carefully designed fragrances would provide the perfect memorable experience to your health spa or beauty salon.

Aromatherapy is the relief to our mood and wellness. It generates impressive connection with scents such as lavender, mint, eucalyptus and orange to establish calming and relaxing habitat for your customers.

J . Medical Association made a study in Thailand in 2012, they discovered that lavender relaxed aspects, declined anxiety, increased levels of euphoria and also enhanced their mental alertness.