Scent of a Woman is a great movie indeed, great acting and great values. Today we will talk about the women scent, whats the secret about it, does all women smell the same, is it the skin, is it the fragrance, what is it about.

I remember reading articles written by different type of men describing the memorable remarkable scent that still smells from that piece of cloth from their beloved women. couldn’t find a logical meaning for a scent that doesn’t fade away after all of these years, do they really smell it or they think they do. I mean we keep the scent on a cold controlled temperature, dark glass bottles, far from sun light or heat and still some scent change smell after time and some even vanish completely.

Still when I was reading these articles I thought I’m about to read something like the movies, a scarf or a T shirt or even a piece of underwear however what was written was a bit strange, the articles were referring to the sneakers lacing and not the sneaker but only the dusty old lacing. another article was about the old socks and by the way the comments wasn’t about how beautiful  the smell was but how it triggers memories, its a smell that reminds them of that person as simple as that not necessary to be fancy and not necessary to be lavish nothing necessary to be anything except to be with that one person. its simply the memory that they love to take in their life journey years before and years to come and at the end of the day what are we without our memories. I didn’t expect seeing anything deep in that however I was surprised to see.

I guess it’s the people, not the place where memories are made. We have had many good memories in ordinary places and been in many beautiful places that are not memorable.

what is scent of a woman about,  its his best past sweet memories of all his glory days where he hadn’t find anything as soothing to his nerves as the sweet woman’s silky skin, heady scent, and warm body.

On the other hand, what is woman’s scent is a phrase often used to describe the unique and often pleasant aroma that a woman’s body always produces. This scent is created by a combination of factors such as a woman’s body chemistry, diet, and personal hygiene.

A woman’s scent varies greatly due to personal factors such as her age, health and lifestyle, as well as other factors such as the products she uses for personal care and hygiene.

Many people find a woman’s scent attractive, and it can be both physically and emotionally significant. However, it’s important to remember that everyone’s body chemistry and preferences are different, and some people’s sense of smell may not be the same.

It’s also important to respect personal boundaries and consent when it comes to physical attraction and relationships.