Have you ever smelled and immediately been subjugated? Or to be transported to another piece of your life through memories caused by a perfume, like in a sort of olfactory moment of sudden and great revelation or realization?

Did you ever think that this brain mechanism could be exploited to entice us to buy from a certain shop?

Welcome to Scent Marketing.

Smells trigger memories and its the most powerful sense when it comes to memories.

if we want to be more precise, Some scientific tests show the following, after six months, the brain can remember more than 80% of an aroma, compared to only 25% of an image.

In addition, according to the Nobel Prizes Richard Axel and Linda B. Buck, we can remember as many as 10,000 odors, but only 200 different colors.

Marketing has therefore begun to deepen the potential of smells in the customer shopping experience.

If you think about it, even the music, the lights, or the temperature of the shops are carefully studied; nothing is left to chance, so it was only a matter of time before marketing people began to influence our sense of smell.

Olfactory marketing (scent marketing), a branch of sensory marketing, is an example of nonverbal communication and unconventional communication that aims at retaining customers through an odor, or rather, a perfume.

For example try to walk by Costa coffee shop, or Tim Hortons coffee or smelled Starbucks coffee scent and you won’t miss the unmistakable coffee aroma scent which will capture you to buy your coffee, Smell sells.

The same applies for many welcoming scents used in many clothing stores under its scent marketing strategy.

This is the olfactory signature or olfactory logo of that company, which immediately becomes recognizable and brings to mind the associated store and the needs connected to it, for example food or clothes.

Obviously, you will come back more willingly where there is a good smell, which also causes positive feelings.

Scent marketing is one of the best ways to build customer loyalty.

Unconsciously the customer would love to try the experience again, the positive sensations that the perfume has transmitted to at the first time.

Having an olfactory signature is undoubtedly an advantage on the competition, and for this reason, in recent years, companies specialized in creating new olfactory signatures have emerged, which are in line with the target of those who request this service.

The more specific the target audience is, the easier it will be to create an effective fragrance. There for, various types of diffuser and different strategies, tailored to each business.

The activities carried out within the site are also taken into account; it can be a bakery, a clinic, or even a sports center. There is a perfect perfume for every need.

So when we feel like buying something, we are rarely fully responsible for what we are doing; we are bombarded with messages, even olfactory ones, which have the sole objective of putting us at ease and in the conditions of wanting to spend.

All this does not mean that we have to arm ourselves with a mask and look cautiously at the origin of every good smell that touches us, or when we get nostalgic when we smell Mon Paris or Chanel No. 5 and not feel anything else.

Simply, the next time we’re going to buy something useless in our favorite store – and it will happen – we’ll at least be aware that they’ve got us by the nose.

It works like magic and we have great experience on scent marketing field.

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