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It’s time for a change. The old concepts of planning and designing spaces is over used and no longer relevant in changing world that demands consideration of our planet and our health. Innovation is essential as the ideals of wellness is becoming the main demand of our future.

We’re on the edge of recreation of the old dated ways of relating to one another and living in our spaces, moving away from the selfishness, instead to a community oriented and nature inspired way of living. We made lots of changes to the way we eat, drink, travel, work and consume, the main cause is to honor our place on this wonderful planet and to create more holistic opportunities for all of us to experience a better tomorrow.

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In addition to increase awareness to take care of ourselves and more consideration of the world. In this phase of returning to shared spaces and as a natural sequence of the global pandemic, we understood the importance of building not only for one, but for the good benefit of all.

These considerations have reflected on how a healthy building is. Taking into consideration that the modern individual spends much more of their time indoors, accordingly the better refined buildings we make for our surroundings facilitates a greater benefit and better living for all who uses the space.

With the tall horizon towers and buildings, it’s a greater responsibility to serve the one who lives in them starting from designers, engineers, consultants, builders, and developers.

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Ensuring the safety of all the lives and the wellbeing of these souls’ health of a space which makes it mandatory need than an optional request, after gathering the needed information, guidelines, and services including the building certification, which are various types of organizations whose intent is to promote and certify standards of wellness architecture. Wellness architecture seeks human health, wellbeing and comfortable living, these principals are the main goals of consideration for the foundation of excellence to provide sustainable and regenerative robust design practices. This is often implemented with the assistance of green architecture, practices that seek to minimize negative environmental impacts through energy conservativity and focusing on carbon footprint reduction, as well as architecture sustainability, to maintain and improve the environment and earth’s natural resources to improve moderation and ecological impact in the design of the built environment.

Smart developers prioritize health and well-being indoors buildings and provides a wide range of solutions to meet goals expectations by providing innovative and positive environment, including ambient scent. It’s a fact that a pleasant scent increase overall satisfaction, mood and happiness of those who are being in the right environment, scent provided a healthier building space for the health of the air quality as well for the mood well-being of its residents.

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Scent diffusion system produces a fine particle dry micro mist at a subtle level, this creates a pleasant scented ambiance without negatively altering the scented air quality or ventilation system. Our Air Care fragrances products comply with the International Fragrance Association and Materials guidelines. We offer a wide selection of scent products including essential oil blends for aromatherapy and safe synthetic aroma blend scents for aroma scent diffusion. Sustainability is our main goal by following strict IFRA guidelines to avoid volatile specific natural plant materials as well as following strict safety guidelines to only promote aroma blends suitable for scented air diffusion.


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With many years in scenting experience, you can trust AdoreScent to provide safe and tailored scent experience. You maybe familiar with the healthy building components including good system ventilation and air quality, an ideal temperature, low noise levels, and natural light. Why not also considering scented air innovation?