Scent marketing methodology to increase sales with aroma Scent

Scent marketing tools are very effective in boosting sales and customers return rate it targets the customers instant emotional reactions and work on making it a long lasting memory. Nike discovered through a scent marketing study the increase in the customers purchase intentions by 80% compared to unscented areas in their stores. a similar study was done on a petrol station mini mart using scent marketing coffee aroma in targeting coffee lovers which didn’t only increase the coffee sales but also increased the overall sales of this mini mart to reach triple the normal sales.

Scent marketing strategy to increase repeated visits and customer satisfaction

Eric Spangenberg documented in 1996 that people were more likely to look around and browse through products in the scented rooms than the unscented ones, he also documented the increase in the average time spent in the stores and the increase on the average spent and tendency to wait longer in lines due to the scent marketing tools used compared to unscented environment. Providing the correct solution will deliver happier customers with a better satisfaction rate who keep remembering your brand and linger longer by introducing the correct aroma blend to deliver the epitomized environment. You need to focus on enhancing the mood to increase sales to create long outstanding memorable customer experience who will ling longer  and spend more.

Scent branding and brand image strategy

Scent marketing strategy mixed with sweet scent are a great combination between tools and methodology to make customers remember you on the emotional level to create the link association between your product and the signature scent, linking brand to signature smell will enhance the perception and evaluation of your brand image. Hospitality sector focus on using scent tools to make people associate with brand image with good memories, different hotels and resorts are using different aroma scents customized specially for them based on the region and customer targeted mood. Westin Hotels lobbies in the United States of America use a blend of green tea, geranium and black cedar diffused however different scents are used on the Westin Hotels around the globe. We use best aromas on UAE scent marketing and the Arabian Gulf to fulfill the desired requirements of our clients specially the hospitality sector in five stars hotels and resorts selects the best aromas based on the region taste, expectation and geographical atmosphere. The scent used will form the image of your brand whether it is great comfort, elegance, simple, comfort, classic or modern.