You’ve heard of scent marketing. You might have even heard it by news or media of how many well-known brands use scent marketing! however you could be wondering how a plug-in could improve your business.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with using a simple air freshener to spot treat unwanted smells and get rid of it. however

Scent / Aroma marketing is far more than air freshening.

Scent marketing is the use of a strategically chosen fragrance diffused at client interaction points. The proper fragrance and strategy will elaborate a clear, preferable brand identity.

Aroma Scent marketing increases turnover and brand loyalty by creating exceptional customer experiences. The Scent marketing is truly a marketing effort.

It’s about branding, image, and customer experiences. And surely as any good marketing initiative, the strategy involved to help you reach your target and goals.

Scent Marketing

Types of Aroma Marketing Strategies

There are couple of types for scent marketing strategies. Both strategies are valuable however keep in mind that your scent marketing strategy is custom made for your business, which means we might combine elements from both strategies to guarantee you reach your targeted goals.

Scent Branding

What if you can make your brand crystal clear directly recognizable without the need to display your logo?

The world’s top powerful brands live in the minds of the consumers. But while visual recognition is powerful, olfactory recognition is much more powerful.

Memories related to scent are more resistant to time and easily recalled. Our sense of smell is the only sense that reaches us at a intense, impulsive, instinctual level by directly tapping to the brain pleasure center and the emotions, memories, and creativity that live there.

Eventually, branding is about giving items or services value, meaning, and associations to make them stand out from their competition.

A scent marketing system allows you access to an under used touchpoint with clients. It’s the ultimate way to make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Adopting the power of scent marketing means consistently keeping your brand top of mind.

Customers are most receptive and responsive when all of their five senses are activated. Each element of your branding should be selected carefully and its required to be strong and should be able to stand alone.

The selected scent will be the olfactory touchstone of your brand and will be able to stand up on the crowd on its own. When clients smell your scent, they will immediately think of you taking your brand to a new level of simplicity and familiarity with your customers.

Ambient Scenting

For selective businesses, setting the tone of your business is more important than branding. 

It’s a great powerful tool to manage your customers touchpoints and create a pleasant atmosphere ambiance that builds trust and this is how to keep customers coming back again and again.

Many studies confirms the strength power of scent marketing to affect the mood. Ambient scenting with the ideal scent marketing system allows you to direct your clients in a smooth yet effective way.

By putting clients in the right mindset, you can improve and enhance customer experience and help to mitigate anxiety and stress during tough customer interactions.

A few scent marketing examples include:

• Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics who use a gentle scent to calm patient nerves (as a result fewer cancellations and better patient satisfaction a result of installing a scent marketing system and aroma diffuser.)

• Fitness facilities and GYMs use incorporate bright, energize scents which inspire action and make members feel more compose for their workout.

• Senior living communities consistently blend a calming scents to help new residents and their visitors families feel more relaxed during the stressful process of selecting and moving into a new home.

Some report also finding a calming fragrance impactful for those suffering from sundown syndrome.

Some of the businesses also select to implement our odor neutralizing technology to help combat any bad odor.

What a Scent Marketing Strategy Can Really Do

Benefits of scent marketing are huge and you can expect a robust return on investment.

Independent reports from our clients revealed:

• a 22% increase in customer satisfaction scores
• an 17% daily increase in retail store sales
• an 14% improvement of food quality satisfaction scores, without making any changes to the food served

Studies have been conducted over years to reveal the effect of scent on businesses. And businesses have experimented with and through reported data on their businesses experiences with using fragrances.

A store in Germany called do-it-yourself used the scent of fresh cut grass in their retail business in various locations. The conclusion found that positive clients impressions of the store increased by almost 50%. Their research conclusion revealed that the scent led clients to perceive the employees as harder working staff and more knowledgeable on their business.

One more study to share of scent marketing, a home appliance store started using freshly baked apple pie scent and as a result their sales jumped up by 33%. [Lindström, M. (2010).]

Where could I Get a Scent Marketing System?

The process is simple once you take the decision to start with scent marketing by choosing to work with a scent marketing firm like AdoreScent that offers a full suite of support services.

Scent marketing companies in UAE provides scent services and we at AdoreScent will assign you an account representative manager who will walk you through the process.

That includes defining your targeted goals, working and developing a scent marketing strategy to reach your customers and selecting the ideal scent to bring your brand to life using scent distribution system.

If you’re ready to begin your first scent marketing campaign with AdoreScent, then feel free to fill out our business inquiry and we will provide you with a complementary free trial.

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The written above data was communicated by our clients after a gathering collection period of over four years. The info and data represents the findings of independent studies.

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