Lavender essential oil benefits

Lavender essential oil benefits are exceptional in many aspects, it has loads and loads of health benefits.

Discover the lavender oil advantages of using it on a daily basis through this comprehensive article.

The lavender essential oil uses and benefits are many, including its ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect the scalp and skin, improve blood circulation and act towards respiratory problems.

The essential oil of lavender is extracted mainly from the flowers of the lavender plant, by steam distillation.

Traditionally, lavender essential oil benefits has been used in manufacturing perfumes. Lavender aromatherapy oils are found to be very useful, many aromatic preparations are made using lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil benefits blends with many other essential oils, including cedar wood oil, pine oil, clary sage oil, geranium oil and nutmeg. Today, lavender essential oil benefits are frequently used in various forms, including aromatherapy oil, gels, infusion, lotion, and soap.


Lavender essential oil health benefits


Lavender essential oil insect repellent

The smell of lavender essential oil is effective in keeping you safe from biting insects such as mosquitoes, gnats, and moths. Apply lavender essential oil to the skin to avoid irritating stings. In addition, if you happen to be bitten by one of these insects, the essential oil of lavender has anti-inflammatory that will reduce the irritation and pain associated with insect bites.


Lavender essential oil sleep

Lavender essential oil benefits promotes sleep and is used as an alternative for insomnia problems.

Several studies conducted on the elderly have shown an increase in the regularity of sleep when their sleep medication has been replaced by lavender essential oil placed on their pillow.


Lavender essential oil nervous system

The essential oil of lavender has a soothing fragrance that is excellent for nerves and anxiety problems. Therefore, it can also be useful for problems of migraines, headaches, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress. The refreshing aroma meaning that is added eliminates nervous fatigue and agitation while increasing mental activity. It has a well-documented impact on the autonomic nervous system, which is why it is often used as a treatment for insomnia and also as a way to regulate heart rate variability.

One study showed that taking essential lavender oil, significantly reduced stress and anxiety, as well as increase cognitive function when the essential oil of lavender and rosemary were inhaled before the tests Cognitive skills.


Lavender essential oil acne

According to dermatologists and aromatherapists, lavender essential oil benefits for acne is one of the most effective treatments, which is a very uncomfortable and embarrassing situation that mainly affects young people during the transition to puberty and also can affect some adults. It is characterized by red lesions on the face and body, which develop due to a bacterial infection near the sebaceous glands.

Lavender essential oil inhibits the bacteria that cause the initial infection, helps regulate sebum excretion through hormonal manipulation, and can reduce the signs of healing after healing acne. Adding a small amount of lavender essential oil to other skin creams can dramatically increase the potential for relief and healing.


Lavender essential oil pain relief

Lavender essential oil is known as an excellent remedy for various types of pain, including those caused by muscle pain, rheumatism, sprains, back pain and lumbago. Regular massage with lavender essential oil can also bring relief from pain in the joints. Postoperative pain relief study showed that the combination of lavender essential oil vapor in oxygen would considerably reduce the level of pain experienced, compared with patients receiving only oxygen after major surgery.


Lavender essential oils urine flow

Lavender essential oil is good for urinary disorders because of its stimulating effect on urine. In addition, it would help restore hormonal balance and reduce cystitis or inflammation of the bladder. It would also reduce the associated cramps.


Lavender essential oil for respiratory congestion

Lavender essential oil benefits are widely used for various respiratory problems including throat infections, flu, cough, colds, asthma, sinus congestion, bronchitis, whooping cough. Lavender essential oil is used either as a steam or applied directly to the skin, neck, chest and back. It is also added to many vaporizers and inhalers that are commonly used for colds and coughs.


Lavender essential oil benefits for hair

The lavender essential oil for hair care, it has been shown that lavender oil for hair was very effective against the lice, the eggs of lice and the nits. In addition, lavender essential oil would also be very useful in the treatment of hair loss, especially for patients who suffer from alopecia, autoimmune disease where the body rejects its own hair follicles. One study reported that more than 40% of patients experiencing alopecia reported an increase in hair growth after regularly rubbing the essential oil of lavender to their scalp. Therefore, lavender essential oil is sometimes recommended as a preventative measure for male pattern baldness.


Lavender essential oils benefits for blood circulation

Lavender essential oil benefits also useful for improving blood circulation in the body. It would reduce blood pressure and is often used for hypertension.


Lavender essential oils benefits for digestion

The essential oil of lavender would be useful for digestion, as it would increase the mobility of food in the intestine. The oil would also stimulate the production of gastric juices and bile, which would help in the treatment of indigestion, upset stomach, colic, flatulence and vomiting.


Lavender essential oils benefits for immunity

The regular use of lavender essential oil would offer resistance to a variety of diseases. It is well known that lavender has antibacterial and antiviral properties which would make it effective for the defense of the body against rare diseases such as tuberculosis, typhoid and diphtheria.


Lavender essential oil benefits for skin

The benefits of lavender essential oil for skin care, its one of the best antiseptic and antifungal essential oils. It is used for the prevention of various skin disorders such as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions. It is commonly used to accelerate the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns, sunburns and because it improves the formation of scar tissue. Lavender essential oil is also added to chamomile to treat eczema.


Essential oil diffuser benefits

Lavender essential oil benefits are so many and we cant cover it all in one article however we would like to highlight the new trend to take advantage of essential oil diffuser benefits. It improves the day to day life standard to reach the ultimate long term goal of having a better health and life. Boost energy, feel better and sleep better.


Lavender essential oil indications

Like many other essential oils, pregnant and lactating women should avoid using lavender essential oil. It is also recommended not to use this oil for patients with diabetes. It can also cause allergic reactions for people who have particularly sensitive skin.