Scent sensations blend with the digital world

Adding scent sensations to the digital world is what many researchers are working on to develop prototypes capable of producing sense of smell signals, sending odors remotely and synchronizing them with multimedia content. The diffusion of odors in public places is more and more common, whether in the context of cultural productions such as plays, exhibitions, etc. or a sensory marketing techniques. The idea that is developing today is to integrate the diffusion of odors in our daily lives and intimate spaces by associating smells with, and via, our new technologies. Which referred to by digital marketing technologies (or olfactory technology) designate these new technologies that perceive, transmit and receive odors via digital marketing strategy. You who read us now, have you never regretted not to be able to smell through phone when you read this article?

What is to be expected from this new path taken by augmented reality, in the stammering domain of scent marketing, while many innovations, especially in the field of vision are already part of our life? Will technology be able to match the complexity of the odor world, or will our sense have to adapt to the limits of these new diffusers?

Welcome to the future, welcome to Adorescent.