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A new and innovative technology called Cold-Air Diffusion is proudly utalized by AdoreScent in UAE and several other GCC countries, the new technology breaks down the oils into a nanoparticles dry mist with the use of cold, filtered air. The technology releases dry fragrance mist into the AC / HVAC aroma diffusion system machine through ducts sending a consistent, efficient aroma mist to the desired areas.


  • Cold-air diffusion system technology
  • HVAC aroma diffuser systems provide powerful, efficient, even and efficient scenting throughout large or small spaces based on the client requirement
  • Ultra-super quiet operation
  • Leaves no stains or residue.
  • Low-maintenance – units are pre-set to your specific needs
  • Easy-to-use digital timer for fast and easy settings to be adjusted at any time
  • With extended aroma scenting and low maintenance, with the option of larger bottle sizes are available upon request

Scent ignition 2.2 and scent ignition 2.3 from AdoreScent are the ultimate HVAC scent diffusion system for your home or commercial environments, it can add value to Exhibition Halls Ambiance. AdoreScent Scent Diffusers are powerful, efficient and connects to your HVAC system, delivering a consistent and efficient aroma scent experience.

AdoreScent produce refreshing aroma scents and initiated collection of scent lovers into an endless ocean of distinct aroma blends and natural aroma fragrances available for our customers in UAE and GCC. Our IFRA certified fragrances and our Standalone Scent Diffusers and HVAC Machines which produce powerful fragrance from essential oil or aroma blends are credited with scenting places as diverse as Lobby, Elevators, Spas, suites and luxurious hotels.


Small Aroma Scent diffusers and aerosol spray systems are not a practical solution when it comes to scenting large areas such as Hotel scenting, Hospitals scenting and Shopping centers. The scent experience has to be memorable and efficient, its preferable if its uniformed and steady throughout all areas of the property – neither subtle nor harsh. The scent aroma should be just enough that the clients and visitors appreciate and enjoy being at your premises.

To keep the consistency and moderation, the ultimate solution is Scent Aroma diffusion through the HVAC systems, its simple and practical. We have a dedicated professional team who can do it in no time and the results are awesome. This service is specially for the large areas.

AdoreScent HVAC aroma diffusion system is so easy to install and it doesn’t require an overhaul of the existing air-conditioning system. The HVAC scent delivery system is directly connected to the wind pipe of the AC, by calculating were the scent pipes needs to be connected through the air conditioning system and the results are great. The aroma scent is then diffused to the fresh air outlet in an even consistent controlled manner. The aroma scent thus diffused will spread evenly within the area creating a pleasant memorable experience for the visitors or clients.

AdoreScent HVAC scent diffusion system works on cold air technology. Which is very fine, less than micron-sized, and then diffusing these vapor particles by the system. It doesn’t matter the age of your HVAC system as long as it works, AdoreScent HVAC diffusion system can do wonders with your scent marketing strategy at your property.


Your total home or business scenting solution can work on our essential and aroma oil scent diffuser. Silent but very efficient and powerful, this aroma scenting device provides the ideal solution for scenting your entire house or working environment and diffusing essential oils or aroma blends for their maximum therapeutic or ambient benefits.

Advanced scent diffusion technology

The Scent Ignition 2.2 and Scent Ignition 2.3 are a discrete and easy to use HVAC scent diffusion system that delivers a perfect olfactory branding experience. Thought, designed and established on the globe’s most advanced scent diffusion technology system, AdoreScent patented atomization process ensures consistent fragrance aroma levels to achieve great results.

The adjustable compact design and aroma scent output combines the ideal Scent Ignition Diffuser machines which are perfect for both small or large areas. Several machines could be offered based on the required scented area. Ideally connecting to the HVAC system will also increase overall efficiency by up to 30% compared to diffusing straight into the air.

Featuring 500ml or 1000ml fragrance, the Scent Ignition Diffuser range is all about flexibility and being user-friendly. AdoreScent allows scent diffusion in large open areas or multiple zones through HVAC without the need for additional scent devices, making it ideal for exhibition halls, offices and work environment, airports and large hotel lobbies.

Professional Scent Diffuser

The aroma diffuser system is available in various models and colors, including scent ignition 2.2 scent ignition 2.3 and massive scent ignition. Each model consistently delivers great coverage and could add multiple other diffusers that could be attached for more aroma scenting options.

Timer Built-in

Schedule your aroma scenting timing with ease. The built-in timer easily allow you to schedule your aroma scent diffusion times around the clock, day or night, one time setting will be enough for all the time to come.

Connect to AC / HVAC

To achieve the best performance and aroma fragrance levels the aroma scent  diffuser connects directly to your HVAC system, utilizing the airflow in your ducts.

Adjustable Strength

Efficiently Designed with pioneer performance, AdoreScent diffusion scent machines comes with high fidelity aroma scent control. Smoothly fine tune your ambient scent machine with ultimate range and precision.

Scent through your air conditioner

Diffusing aroma scents through cooling system has never been easier with the latest technology. AdoreScent aroma fragrances oil is dispersed into a dry mist of microscopic small droplets through controlled filtered cold air pressure, this technology is known as cold air diffusion. This dry fragrance mist is released consistently into the HVAC ducts sending equal portions of aroma  scent stream to the desired areas.

Our Scent Aroma Diffuser machine can be placed neatly away in your cupboard maintenance with a diffuser mounted on the wall, or hidden behind the decorated walls or near the HVAC ducts. The HVAC scent system will carry the aroma fragrance and provide you a consistent aroma scent throughout the chosen area and throughout the selected time in day or night. One massive scent ignition if connected to a HVAC system can provide you a scenting coverage of up to 10000m3 (3531,468ft3)

Enhance Your Home With Aroma Scent and Nebulizing Scent Diffusers

Diffuse lavish aroma scents in your bedroom, living room or bathroom. Scent your entire home at once through your HVAC /AC with our aroma scent diffusers. Our selected variety of sleek scent machines cover different areas from small to large areas that fits any home.

Scent Your Business

We create signature aroma scents to improve your scent brand identity and an atmosphere your customers will always appreciate and remember.

We assist our customers in designing and creating special, memorable scent that enhance the over all environment, increase browsing and shopping time and create a special pleasant interaction. Stand out from the crowd and develop loyal clients.

Start scenting

Contact AdoreScent and we will assist you in everything, from creating and designing the right aroma scent or choosing from our selective fragrances to installing your fragrance scent diffuser. We are here at your service to help you with your aroma scent branding needs.

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