About adorescent

Who we are?

About AdoreScent, We are an innovative scent solutions firm in the UAE, serving businesses and organizations to take advantage of scent marketing within their overall branding strategy across all the seven Emirates.

Explore lavish quality with unique diversified methods of scenting. Smell is believed to be our most powerful sense when it relates to the long-term memorizing of experiences, places or products.

With lots of years of knowledge and experience AdoreScent was always serving businesses and organizations to apply scent as an element of their overall branding strategy. We accomplish this combined with reliable fragrances, well-designed scent diffusers reinforced by an unbeatable solid supply network.

Allow us to boost your brand, zone or products and develop a long-lasting impressing with your potential customers. It’s just what we do best.

AdoreScent is the national innovator pioneers in furnishing scent marketing solutions across all UAE, fragrances as well as technologies. Main air freshener projects are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with potential increase in scent marketing in the north emirates.  



We are eco-friendly

Adore Scent constantly concentrates on minimizing its carbon footprint thereby its effect on the environment.

We provide great Service solutions through different plans including lease buy or lease to own solutions.

With flexible contract terms you can select a term that suits your budget best. Monthly payments include the supply of both equipment and fragrances. Fragrances will be supplied on a regular basis with the option of scheduled service and fragrances replenishment to suit your business requirements, Rental options offer maximum flexibility and ultimately it’s the use of the equipment not the ownership that produces benefits and profits.


A New Experience

Over many years, branded industries are using the science of scent and Aroma Scent Marketing to achieve their targets their advantage. Various companies Address, Shangri-La, Nike, Apple, Kempinski, Starbucks and many more benefits from this by applying specific, strategic formulated scents throughout their companies and branches. These aromas triggers a certain emotion in potential clients and customers, subtly encouraging to spend more time and more money in their business or stores, all while simultaneously creating scent branding or what people call a positive link to their aromas.


Home Scenting

Business Scenting


Our massive scent diffusers comply with the latest Cold-Air Diffusion innovative technology, the concept focus on releasing broken down oils into the HVAC ducts and system sending a balanced and consistent aroma to the desired areas. Our scent diffusers systems have many automated functions with easy settings, the concept is plug and play by removing any learning curve to scent your space with a low maintenance experience.

Signature Scents?

The key to our success is our signature scents which distinguish us from others. The hotel scenting experience is directly linked to enjoyable experience and a stress relief. Using our signature scents create memories on retreats or vacations, spending enjoyable time with the loved ones, in the comfort of the resorts and hotels. The scents and signature aromas created and developed by our dedicated perfumers team allow for that scented experiences to be captured, saved and reused in your home or business space. We’ve dedicated years of funds and experiences to perfect the art of these aroma scents.

For your convenience AdoreScent also provides lease or purchase facility for the equipment, combined with a contract for the regular supply of fragrances and an optional service and fragrance replenishment to suit your business requirements.

The most emotional sense is the sense of smell  being highly connected to emotions and memories.

Richard Axel and Linda B. Buck – 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology

Adore Scent Care

Our customers are our priority. AdoreScent offers the highest service to all customers. For our VIP and valuable customers we can offer air aroma 24/7 support through dedicated email addresses, hotlines and staff. We are consistently looking to improve our services to provide our customers with the highest comfort and satisfaction. We deliver the best quality service in most efficient time, high availability and friendly service is our quote, its a service that you can count on.

Scent Sample Pack

Feel free to select from our wild collection of fragrance aroma scent for your business, home and car. Our complementary Aroma Scent Sample Pack includes our highest quality scents IFRA compliant fragrances for you to live the scenting experience and to add life to life. We will send you a complementary trial as our gift to you free of cost.

Installation and maintenance:


Installation is not needed for most of AdoreScent products since most of the products are plug and play, also its easy-to-follow instructions which are included with each product. For the HVAC scent diffusion system models Installation is required to connect to HVAC systems. Professional installation can be arranged with your location free of charge.