AdoreScent is a Leader scent company in indoor scent air technologies and innovation with a huge list of scent air products for commercial and residential areas such as hotels, restaurants, retail shops, banks, museums, showrooms, , offices, events, fitness GYMs, hospitals, spas, home and many more.

AdoreScent strategy creates relaxed environment that emotionally connects your brand to create the memories. Luis Buñuel said “Life without memory is no life at all.” We at AdoreScent help you bringing life to life.

We provide business solutions to improve the mood emotion and feeling status giving you a happy customer, stays longer and spends more by connecting with the suitable scent blending in harmony of the world to create your own simple, elegant and sophisticated environment. Adding AdoreScent solutions completes your environment ultimately by creating unique memorable customer experience. Providing the right solution is the key to your success. Creating the right mood will also have its positive effect to your customers and your employees because happier employees happier customers more profit.

Hotels and Hospitality

How to make customers feel special?

Creating unique guest experiences is a key plan for luxury, boutique and lifestyle hotels. A scent is the key destiny for attracting customers to your hotel so from the moment guests arrive, they want to feel that their experience is special, perceived and remembered. With an exclusive, custom signature scent which will empower creating the perfect ambience and powerful impressions with guests.

Your environment and branding can be enhanced through use of a signature scent generator in public areas like lobby, lounge, meeting rooms, spa, fitness center,scent garden and more. Hospitality brands worldwide are using fragrance to their advantage, knowing that a signature scent leaves a truly lasting impression on guests, one that remains long after their stay is over.  Read More

Transportation and Travel

What is the importance of public transport?

The main advantage of public transportation that it’s the most common way to travel the world, reach work or explore around. However, with so many people using public transport on a daily basis, it may not always provide a pleasurable experience. A distinctive welcoming fragrance can dramatically improve a traveler’s experience and the curiosity of scent finder.

Airport waiting areas and airport lounges can also use the power of blended fragrances to reduce stress levels from delayed flights, tired children, and jetlag.

Underground and railway can take advantage of the fragrance power to enhance their travelers experience.

Scenting in the transport industry started as early as 1959 with the Parisian metro introducing the scent of carnation into their trains to increase comfort and well being.

Today scenting has become increasingly important to many airlines and other travel businesses, as they understand the value of customer loyalty and retention through brand awareness. Whether your aim is to provide an added sense of luxury to your brand, create a relaxing environment for anxious and stressed travelers, or to promote a clean, hygienic, and inviting space passengers, scenting can offer the solution.

“The arrival at a Cathay Pacific Lounge is instantly recognizable and the passenger can relax in a familiar feeling of a comfortable home.”Ben Schlappig

Lotus flowers and bamboo forestsscent is used by Singapore Airlines attendants and put on hot towels handed to passengers before takeoff.

Scent marketing companies become an important part of the scent branding strategies in marketing for many businesses. Each scent is specifically designed for the brand overall as well as the aesthetic of the scented environment. The result is a signature scent perfumes that conveys brands emotional experience and its varieties to their customers.

Healthcare and Medical

Using different Scenting strategies in the medical common areas is among the best creative ways to increase patient satisfaction and improve patient experience healthcare

Different types of scent marketing are widely used on the healthcare hospitals and clinics for its ability in providing emotional support to patients to improve how patients feelings about illness. Results show that certain aromas are able to relax patients and visitors and creating a healing environment in the hospital.

Dental Clinics, Hospitals, healthcare centres, and waiting rooms often create feels of stress and anxiety and depression.

Hospital patients or visitors complaints from the harsh cleaning supplies and sterilization smell, it has effects of negative attitude and behaviour on others.

Administrators in hospitals promotes scent solutions by using the latest scent marketing services. Read More


Scenting offices is among the great positive work environment ideas. Scent increase productivity and employee happiness index. Welcome visitors and create a positive impression.

An office environment completely free from malodors is crucial to the well-being of your associates. Studies have shown that scenting commercial offices helps in reducing stress and increasing productivity specially with a lemony scent or whats called citrusy scent

Examples of creativity and innovation in the workplace

Kate Fox, the Director of Social Issues Research Centre, reported findings that showed exposure to pleasant scents significantly enhances performance on work related tasks.

The diffusion of lavender during breaks at work prevented the deterioration of work performance. Sakamoto, et al, 2006.

Research shows that when office scent machines are activated, people perform with a higher self efficacy and adopt efficient work strategies.

Scent work and the typing errors will decrease significantly specially when employees are exposed to lemon and lavender scent, and increase speed performance accuracy when peppermint oil scent were diffused.

Creative tech business loves to inspire and stimulate their employees, as they understand that inspiring surroundings has a great effect on employee creativity personal and contextual factors at work. The need to create the ideal workplace environment, balance, and mood. Ambient scenting can instantly transform a space and allow the mind to relax and unwind using scent marketing fragrances with fragrance design tailored to your needs.

Adding scent machines for business through your office air conditioning systems is completely ideal for commercial office environments. For those businesses that don’t want to scent the entire office space, but simply create a positive first impression for potential clients and customers, an entrance fragrance is the perfect solution through office scent diffuser. Our stand-alone fragrances for best office diffuser can be placed in your waiting room or lobby area to provide a pleasant fragrance when entering your business.
AdoreScent has tailored scenting solutions to enhance innovation ideas for office and fragrance for office desk.


Create a unique retail store experience through scent zone.

Learn more about the factors affecting consumer buying behavior

Fragrance and other sensory scenting retail tools for retail scent marketing will enhance your retail strategies to increase sales and you will feel the impact in consumer buying behaviour in retail outlets and the reflection on turnover and net profits from purchase behavior and spending.

Everybody know the importance of repeat customers, using scent diffusion system in your store you will increase the average repeat customer rate and the value of repeat customers, this scent booster will boost your sales numbers and returns and will show on your repeat customer statistics and analysis system.

Customers stay longer with more frequent returns to your store. We also design signature scent perfumes exclusive to your brand to create scent logo. Read More


Scent marketing for banks provides better banking experience.

Banking online increased the competition in banking sector by making it easier and faster to explore and compare between the banks products and services and the number of physical visits are declining to the bank branches which makes it harder to win and retain customers through the old human interaction methods and tools.

Scent marketing in banks creates pleasant smell and smells trigger memories and evoke perfume that influence people’s moods and behaviors to win and retain customers.

“Scenting retail environments improves customers evaluation and customers perceived they were in the store for a shorter time frame”(Spangenberg et al. 1996)

Features and benefits of perfume are used on luxury brand marketing strategy by connecting brands to customers on a more personal, emotional level than traditional marketing, this will focus on importance of olfactory branding and brand recognition statistics. This is increasingly important for banking business model to increase personal memorable experience since we are shifting to internet banking and less bank physical visits.


How to increase perceived value in Nightlife events?

Nightlife events rely on various branding techniques to draw crowds through the doors and differentiate itself from its competitors. When patrons enter the club or venue the experience needs to excite and stimulate to ensure a memorable night out. With guests paying top bill for VIP tables they expect the best possible experience with all the trimmings. A heavenly scent can lead to an improved perceived quality of the environment and can enhance the mood of guests, causing them to stay out for longer. its advisable to scent your event to get the best results.

Undesirable aromas like smoke, drinks, and body odors are a constant battle for club and parties owners to ensure an overall pleasant experience for their guests. These difficulties lead to the wide adoption of ambient scenting companies within nightclubs, to both improve the dance club environment and mask or break out the unwanted odors.
“Given that visitors gave a better evaluation for the clubs, felt more cheerful, and showed more dancing activity when scents were diffused, environmental fragrancing may be expected to have a positive effect on visitor return rate and future revenue for clubs.”Schifferstein HNJ et al (2011)

The sense of smell is the most sensitive.

Our sense of smell is activated by the back of nose and directly linked to the emotion center of the brain responsible for memory and emotion. Scenting can create a positive association with your brand to keep customers coming back to your venue and spread the word.

According to a study done by Finnish marketing firm Ideair on scent bar, bars with scent visual ads resulted in 79% growth in sales compared with places with only visual ads increased only 11%.

AdoreScent works as scent crusher and scent remover that can mask or break out bad odor while enhancing the sensory experience. Incorporating olfactory technology to create an outstanding atmosphere and eliminate the bad smell of sweating, smoking, food and drinks or other unpleasant odors to be the ideal solution scent blocker

The sense of smell is the most acute

Fitness and Gyms

Today’s gym workout enhance your lifestyle. Playing sports helps to reduce stress, stay in shape, improve your health and will add up scent lifestyle to your physical benefits of exercise.

Good gym equipment generate electricity specially with the right staff and atmosphere however bad odor can take it all away

AdoreScent has the solutions to mask or break out bad odor while the gym activities are on and it can also enhance the sensory experience and let you enjoy and focus. Incorporating olfactory receptor technology to create an outstanding atmosphere and eliminate the bad smell of sweating or other unpleasant odors in any part of the gym such like gym workout areas,aerobic exercise room or waiting area.

Scented areas will improve the physical benefits of exercise and the emotional benefits of exercise.

AdoreScent has the best sport fragrances which will influence the impression of a walk in customer to sign up his name to start enjoying the facilities in your gym and to spread the word and enjoy.

Mood is enhanced by 40% in pleasantly scented surroundings. Lindstrom, M. (2005), Journal of Product and Brand Management

In a controlled experiment by Dr. Abbas Meamorbashi, peppermint was found to improve athletic performance. Athletes in gym environments undertook various physical tasks either with or without an odorized peppermint adhesive strip under their nose. Results showed that exposure to peppermint resulted in increases in running speed, hand grip strength and number of push-ups.

Car Showrooms

Does a new car really smell new?

Automotive Scents are adorable especially at the time of buying a new car. Where is the scented aroma coming from? It surely didn’t come from its iron or paint or even the rubber. The adorable scent was created for the car identity.

Some aromatic scents were created from aromatic compounds inspirations like the leather and sandal woods from the car interior design and in other cases we get it all form the innovation and the inspiration sensation in creating unique scent of fragrance to fit out what we are seeking to achieve.

Many people will avoid buying used cars and will run to buy new one to get the new car smell and after few weeks they will start wondering where did the new car smell go?

Automotive Showrooms design blends with the aroma created to create the desired atmosphere reflecting passion and power in harmony

Rolls Royce reproduced the scent of his big seller, the 1965 Silver Cloud, and sprays it under the seats to recreate the scent of this classic “Roller.”


“Ambient scent improves both recall and recognition of familiar and unfamiliar brands”Morrin and Ratneshwar 2003.

The York museum used scent technology marketing to provide the visitors with a true simulation of what the Viking era smelled like.

Creating memorable events makes people happy and gives the audience the impression you are looking for them to have while attending and watching your event and that will lead to better reviews and comments.

The scent and memory event will be linked to the scent and that will create the memory so when they scent or smell the same fragrance on the future they will remember your event. Your event will last into their memories and emotions.

Some of the 4D cinemas are using scent movie concept now a days, it all started in 1960 film scent of mystery when 30 odors where injected into the theater seats at the time of the movie scenes and its sound tracks.

Adore Scent designed signature scent perfumes for different launches, weddings and parties. Your events will be memorable with AdoreScent

Food and Beverage


Why can’t you taste when you hold your nose? why does food taste bland when you have a cold?

tastes and smells are the chemicals  perception in the air or in the food we eat so aroma travels to our limbic system which explains the saying scent and sip. Without the smell scent apples potatoes onions taste the same.

Read More

Coffee Shops

How to make coffee aroma?

Did you walk past Costa coffee shop, or Tim Hortons coffee or smelled Starbucks coffee scent and couldn’t resist the strong coffee smell that pushed you to buy your coffee? Smell sells. The coffee fragrance around their stores helps in boosting sales and there are many scent marketing examples. Read More

Home and Residence

Coming home to a relaxing environment is an important aspect of everyday life. After all, how to keep house smelling good all the time?

Home sweet home

Use our best way to fragrance your home by using AdoreScent scents of home cold diffusion.

Our scent machine for home connects with HVAC system or can be sold as a fixture of the home.

Adore Scent machine for home is considered one of the best home fragrance diffusers and best home fragrance system, with adjustable intensity and several setting programs to neutralize any unwanted odors and spread the pleasant scent at home and enjoy long lasting home fragrance. We customize special fragrances as per requirements to fit the desired atmosphere to scent your home with essential oils or fragrances.

How to influence other people’s dreams?

Read More

Spas & Salons




Our carefully selected fragrances will create the ideal memorable experience in your spa or salon.


Aromatherapy is the cure to our mood and wellness. It creates great association with scents like lavender, mint, eucalyptus and orange to create relaxing calm environment for your clients.


There was a study done at the J. Medical Association in Thailand in 2012, they found that lavender not only relaxed subjects and reported decreased anxiety and higher levels of euphoria but also improved their mental alertness.