Why Scent?

In today’s highly challenging business atmosphere generating memorable experiences as well as emotional interactions with customers is essential to gain customer spending, long lasting consumer loyalty and brand recognition.

Scent is an extremely highly effective and emotional of all the senses. By taking advantage of scent, brands can easily connect with
customers on a more intense emotional level, leading to a more remarkable experience.

Scent attracts new consumers, improve sales volume, boost perceived value and increase brand awareness strategy and boost
benefits of client satisfaction.
Our most effective memories are those associated with our sense of smell just because senses trigger memory, making olfactory marketing the ultimate frontier for businesses and organizations looking for a competitive edge. scent is considered the most effective memory trigger to associate on emotional and memorable levels with your clients. Businesses and organizations are simply beginning to take advantage of this remarkable strength.
Adore Scent is the national leader in olfactory (scent) marketing. We add more to your customer experience through the power of scent.

“Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains; another, a moonlit beach; a third, a family dinner of pot roast and sweet potatoes during a myrtle-mad August in a Midwestern town. Smells detonate softly in our memory like poignant land mines hidden under the weedy mass of years. Hit a tripwire of smell and memories explode all at once. A complex vision leaps out of the undergrowth.” – Diane Ackerman.


Scent marketing 

Scent Marketing; Type of sensory marketing targeted at the olfactory sense.
Scent Marketing is more than just diffusing a pleasant fragrance in a space.

It truly is the talent of acquiring a company’s brand identity, marketing and advertising communications, prospective buyers and creating a scent that amplifies all of these values.

A scent carries the potential capacity to influence the behaviour of others, smells ring bells and trigger memories almost instantly.

When scent is associated with other marketing indications, it would enhance a brand experience and also set up a long lasting connection with consumers. Our olfactory sense influences 75% of our consistent emotions.

The strength behind our sense of smell is simply that the olfactory glands registers odor and connects it directly to the limbic system, that governs feelings and also memorable experiences. Smell receptors in the nose are linked straight to the portion of the brain in charge of memory and emotion.

This is the reason why a scent can quickly carry you to a specific time and place, connecting back to a specified memory or sensation.

People have the ability to recalling almost 10 ,000 various aromas, and what’s more remarkable, people are capable of recalling aromas with 65% accuracy and reliability after one year, compared to no more than 50% of visuals after ninety days.

75% of the feelings we develop each and every day are influenced by scent. Next to eyesight, it is actually the most essential sense there is.





The Results

The results are great customer satisfaction, spends and stays longer with a high brand recognition. Science and market searches disclose and reveal the huge influence for integrating aroma and its effect on the consumer behavior and  how customers perceive a brand. The precise ambient scenting solution will gently prompt customers to spend a longer time in store environments that will be an efficient way of attracting consumers into your trusty retail store.   Diffusing the correct aroma can easily improve your brand identity by creating the ideal ambience for your clients, staff and guest visitors, as well as distinguish yourself from your competitors.

The longer a customer stays in a store, the more they spend.

We create and implement custom made aroma applications for iconic brands, serving generating olfactory logo for memorable brand associations that improve consumer experience.

Advanced scent diffusion technology

Our HVAC scent diffusion system provides a smooth olfactory experience. Engineered on the world’s most innovative aroma diffusion technology, Adore Scent’s trademarked atomization technique guarantees continuous aroma intensity and great results.

With adjustable scent output and compact design, the scent diffusion system is perfect for both large and small areas that require discrete diffusion.

Preferably linked with your HVAC machine it will also enhance overall performance by up to 50% ( compared with diffusing directly into the air ).

The scent diffusion system and machines collection are focused on user-friendliness combined with overall flexibility. It provides scent diffusion in massive open areas or even a multi storey area using HVAC without requiring any extra scent machines, which makes it ideal for exhibition halls, indoor events, businesses, airport terminals and also huge hotel lobbies.


Scent branding

What is your business philosophy?

We rely on fashion designers with our look and style, chefs with our tastes, DJs with our audio. Rely on us with your scent, the most powerful sense.

AdoreScent is equipped with a substantial competent qualified staff who know how to analyze your brand, promote and market your targets and goals, and combine the scent with your overall theme and decoration.

By matching them all together we can easily provide you a structure aroma oil which will enhance consumer experience and also diffuse your brand substance.

Adore Scent can’t only bring you back your scents memories but can make you in their memories too, because combining brand with a scent becomes a memory.

With AdoreScent we assist you approaching business targets and objectives, develop mood inspiration and sensations benefits in the adequate atmosphere.  We help various kinds of companies culture to enhance brand philosophies, values and objectives.

   “Our memory is our coherence, our reason, our feeling, even our action. Without it we are nothing.” ― Luis Buñuel




Smell is the most important sense

The sense of smell is the most important, sensitive, powerful and acute way for client’s emotional connection and memories. A smell can evoke specific memories, influence people’s moods and behavior. Scents has been used for thousands of years ago however benefits of fragrance and scent discovery remains a mystery, some benefits are unleased and some remains a secret to be discovered in our journey.

Add some spices to your 007 scent 4 you.


Scent sciences

The smell sense is different from the rest of senses due to the fact it is processed first by the limbic system which is the same part of the brain responsible for our memory recall and this can enhanced on the memory recall techniques.

Studies reveals that our daily emotions are 75% affected by the smell sense which also plays essential role into our memory.

The sense of smell has the best connectivity to the olfactory gland that registers and saves smell through the limbic system which manages the emotions and the memories and that is the main power behind the sense of smell.


Products Solutions with buy or sell option

Pro Scent Diffuser

The aroma diffusion system is accessible in a variety of designs . Each model provides different coverage.

Connect with HVAC / Air conditioner

To obtain the ideal efficiency and scent levels the scent diffusion system hooks up straight to your HVAC system, utilising the air flow in your ducts.

Flexible Strength

Prioritizing efficiency as well as performance, the aroma diffusion system is equipped with great fidelity smell control. Optimize your ambient aroma with better range and perfection.

Scent using your current hvac system.

Diffusing aroma through a HVAC system has never been simpler. Adore Scent aroma oil is diffused into a dry mist of nanoscopic tiny droplets via air pressure of clear cold air flow, generally known as cold air diffusion. The aroma diffusion system transmits a frequent dry mist aroma flow to the required locations.

Scent using your current hvac system.

Diffusing aroma through a HVAC system has never been simpler. Adore Scent aroma oil is diffused into a dry mist of nanoscopic tiny droplets via air pressure of clear cold air flow, generally known as cold air diffusion. The aroma diffusion system transmits a frequent dry mist aroma flow to the required locations.

The fragrance diffusion system could be smartly stored in your own housekeeping cabinet with a diffuser discretely fitted on, or simply hidden behind the walls or close to the HVAC ducts. The HVAC system will transmit the scent and also provide you with a constant aroma all over the selected area.

When connected to a HVAC system scenting coverage can be up to 10000m3.

Machines and Fragrance Standards

Our Standards

  • Our machines are certified by the Federal Communications Commission FCC, CE certificate and RoHS compliance certificate.
  • Our essential oils and fragrance oils are carefully selected, expressly formulated and extracted from the finest and highest quality ingredients to provide you with the finest scent and aroma experience.
  • From common to rare or you can create your own perfume bottle in signature fragrance, AdoreScent is a scent expert who has the knowledge and expertise to develop the right aroma fragrance oils for you and your brand with high quality and affordable prices with different scent bottles.
  • The signature scent are concentrated and no water should be added.
  • AdoreScent is a Leader in solution innovation technologies in commercial and residential sectors and aiming to be among the top innovation leaders
  • Safety is our priority and that is done through the quality and safety sustainability report and analysis tasks.
  • Our scent machines come with a 1 year guarantee with option for extended warranty.